How to start

At the moment MAGIX is a command line based program. Therefore, MAGIX can be called by other programs, e.g. CASA.

Please note, that in contrast to the manual, the Numerical Recepies routines are NOT available.

MAGIX can be started by simply typing at the command prompt:

./ io_control.xml


In order to get help type

./ --help

or read the readme.txt file.


If no screen output is desired, type

./ --quiet <path>io_control.xml

If you do not want to plot the resulting fit function (or if you have problems with the matplotlib package), type

./ --noplot <path>io_control.xml

MAGIX looks for the directory "Modules" in the current working directory, which contains all necessary python and Fortran modules. Do not rename or move this directory.


Contact Info

Dr. Thomas Möller


I. Physikalisches Institut
Universität zu Köln
Zülpicherstr. 77
50937 Köln

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